Scott Tillesen: Presentation

Understanding Financial Statements for Non-Financial Managers

The evaluation of Financial Statements is critical to the successful ownership or operation of a business. Scott Tillesen will provide attendees with a solid fundamental understanding of an income statement, a balance sheet, and basic ratios used in financial statement analysis. Scott will also walk you through an approach to break-even analysis that builds on the financial statement teachings. When the session is completed you should be able to pick up your own financial statement with renewed confidence that you can interpret your financial condition and understand your profitability.

Analysis of Apple Specialist Financial Results
Building on the presentation on Understanding Financial Statements, if time permits, Scott Tillesen will bring you through a number of more advanced uses of financial data. These topics will include: financial statement analysis using common-sized statements, the importance of business segment reporting, developing a budgeting process, strategic business planning, cash flow management, and cash flow forecasting. This information should be helpful to the attendees who might first be getting introduced to these topics as well as for the more experienced business owner.