New Keynote Announced: Visual Merchandising for Sales

Displays are your silent salesperson, from the intriguing windows to the impulse items at the counter.  Great visual merchandising skills are the foundation of a healthy business.

Let retail motivational speaker Bob Phibbs show why, as the economy has struggled, stacks of merchandise are doing anything but flying out the doors.

In this visual merchandising keynote, Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor shares why the more you stack your merchandise, the more you make it a commodity.  Try to remember what the label was of the oil you purchased for your car or the milk purchased last week at the grocery.  You probably can’t.  Why?  Because commodities are unmemorable.

To move product, your merchandise has to stand out and shout.

In this interactive session, discover these visual merchandising secrets:

  • Understand the three most powerful colors in a display.
  • Solve the age old question, “Where do you want me to put this?”
  • Understand how traffic patterns can make or break a best seller.
  • Gain confidence in making a compelling display that stops lookie-lous dead in their tracks.
  • Improve placement of items
  • Follow the 15 steps to creating a perfect display that moves merchandise
  • Identify the correct products to display in the first place.
  • Configure your end caps for maximum sales.
  • View real world examples of the eight types of displays.
  • And more…

You will leave with easy to implement ideas and tools to help you visually merchandise and position their displays so you increase average ticket and move product. Bring the power of a good display to your showroom so you can present every department of your store, not just the one at the end of the aisle.

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