Andrew Penny

Andrew Penny, President, Kingsford Consulting Ltd, has been helping small and medium businesses grow for over 15 years. He has worked with hundreds of companies and interviewed thousands of business owners – providing common sense, practical advice on how to grow. He is particularly passionate about challenging markets and finding game changing approaches to win unfair advantages. Andrew sees the SMB market as the backbone of the economy and is always excited about opportunities to help small business owners grow. He has worked in just about every vertical market including the B2C market where he advised LightSpeed Retail through their recent 30M expansion.

Prior to consulting, Andrew spent many years in IT, as a VP in Business Development and Sales. During his time at Mitel, he directed the sales and marketing activities for US, Canadian, European, and Asian markets. As one of the earliest members of the Bell Mobility team, he introduced mobile phones to Eastern Canada.