Jazmin Hupp

Jazmin Hupp specializes in making stuff happen. She is the Director of Marketing for Tekserve, the independent Apple computer store in NYC. Working as an internal entrepreneur over the last eight years, Jazmin has refreshed existing departments and started new ones for Tekserve, changing focus every 6-24 months. Her previous work has included hiring & training, rentals, online content & social media, several editions of Tekserve’s Mac FAQ books, web store & customer support, and finally business to business marketing before taking over the marketing department.

Jazmin holds a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems from Empire State College in New York. She has lived in all of the continental states west of Texas and currently resides in New York City. Her passions include travel, tea, 3-star Michelin restaurants, yoga and Zumba. Follow her blog at jazminhupp.com or on twitter @jazminhupp