Laura Posey – How To Close More Sales With Great Presentations

“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect
makes a few men rich.” – Henry Ford

Most salespeople are decent at sales presentations. But a few are truly great. And those great ones close the sales the rest can’t.

Do you want to be one of the great ones?

If so, come this fast-paced, breakout session

“How To Close More Sales With Great Presentations”

Based on the ground-breaking work by Anne Miller, author of “Make What You Say Pay”, this information-packed session will change the way you present and make sales.

In this engaging breakout, you’ll learn:

  • 3 secrets you never knew that could make or break your sales
  • What you are presenting that is actually hurting your chance of closing
  • 5 words that kill any presentation immediately
  • 3 ways to liven up any presentation and get your prospect
  • 5 proven strategies to eliminate problems from your prospect before they occur
  • And much more…

If your presentations aren’t leading to sales, you need to be in this session!

Learn how to do the little things that others don’t and win more sales.