This year’s Fall Conference has been programmed into several tracks, based on the main areas of focus of our attendees. So if you or a member of your team is interested in just one type of subject matter, it will be easy to choose which day or days to attend. We have even focused the most important content for owners into an “Essentials” Track – which include two Vendor Fairs, three Keynotes, Sales, Marketing and Finance Tracks, Bench Talk Live and the AppleCare and Apple Specialist Updates and individual rep meetings.

To be clear, you do not need to think of this event in tracks if you don’t want to – you can mix-and-match and attend whichever days and sessions you like.

But for those of you who may find this useful, the main tracks are as follows:



Essentials Track— Monday Evening – Wednesday Evening 10/20 – 10/22

This track includes the AppleCare and Apple Specialist Update sessions as well as Marketing and Sales Keynotes and breakout sessions, a Finance track, a wide variety of ASMC Solution Panel sessions Tuesday and Wednesday, plus open discussion rooms. There are also times for individual scheduled meetings with your AppleCare and Apple Sales Reps. This track includes Speed Dating and two full Vendor Fairs Monday and Wednesday nights.



Sales Track— Tuesday 10/21

This track includes Sessions and Workshops on Effective Sales Communication Strategies, The Power of Story in Sales & Crafting Better Sales Presentations, ASMC Solution Panels, the Apple Channel Sales Update session and individual meetings with your Apple Channel Sales Rep. Also includes the ASMC Speed Dating Dinner.



Service Manager Boot Camp— Tuesday & Wednesday 10/21 – 10/22

This track combines Bench Talk Live, the AppleCare Update, individual scheduled meetings with your AppleCare field rep and a wide variety of sessions on topics of great interest to service managers. There will be a great deal of sharing of best practices and an emphasis on “tools of the trade” in the areas of data recovery, ticket management, managed services and more. This track also includes the ASMC Speed Dating Dinner and the Wednesday Evening Vendor Fair.



Finance Track— Tuesday 10/22

This track includes Sessions on Building a Solid Financial Foundation, Planning for Growth, What Credit Managers Look For, and Avoiding Disaster. Scott Tillesen from Tech Data and Author and Speaker Emily Chase Smith will lead sessions and discussions. This track includes the ASMC Speed Dating Dinner.



Marketing Track— Wednesday & Thursday 10/22 – 10/23

This track includes the Apple Channel Marketing Update and sessions on topics like podcasting, inbound marketing, the Power of Story in Marketing as well as sharing of best practices and ASMC Solution Panel sessions. We have two stellar Keynote Presentations by renowned marketing experts – best-selling author and speaker Ekaterina Walter, and CEO Brian Clark from Copyblogger Media. This track includes the ASMC Wednesday Night Vendor Fair. The Marketing track ends at 5:00 PM on Thursday, 10/23 and is immediately followed by the “ASMC Night on the Town” Evening Social Event!



Leadership Track— Friday 10/24

This track is a full-day workshop on Extreme Leadership For Small Business.
Based on the work of best-selling leadership author, Steve Farber, this powerful and transformational workshop explores the key tenets of the Extreme Leadership Framework—LEAP: Cultivating Love, Generating Energy, Inspiring Audacity, and Providing Proof—and guides you in applying them to your personal and professional leadership challenges.