Diane Meier

Thirty years ago Diane Meier opened her marketing agency, MEIER, in New York City. Since then, her work on behalf of a roster of exclusive clients has won her shop every prize the advertising and marketing industries can bestow for strategy, copywriting, graphics and design.

Her agency’s wingspan, with insistence on an integrated and holistic approach, has stretched across both B2C and B2B clients in: architecture, construction, fashion, jewelry and cosmetics, gourmet foods, home design, publishing and media, corporate services and investment banking; with clients such as: Kohler, Neiman Marcus, Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, DeBeers, Chipwich, The New Yorker, Esquire Magazine, Tekserve and Harry Winston, among many others.

Their campaigns and creative products have been published in graphic design and marketing magazines and textbooks all over the world.  Whether launching a direct mail gourmet food catalog that grew into a $70m company; branding, packaging and advertising a foreign textile design firm into one of national recognition; or gathering more than a dozen disparate wallpaper companies into one billion-dollar brand, the agency’s success was determined by their insistence on a targeted and integrated strategic consumer-focus across all marketing disciplines.

Diane has been Executive in Residence at Babson College in Wellesley Mass, with special attention to Babson’s Center for Women’s Leadership, and mentor to its women’s program for MBA studies.

In addition to her work in marketing, Diane is the author of two books:  The New American Wedding; Ritual and Style in a Changing Culture, published in 2004 by Viking Penguin, gives us a look at the personal and non-traditional choices made by brides and grooms across America as they reflect the blending of families, religions, ethnic backgrounds and cultural traditions.   Her first novel, The Season of Second Chances, was the lead book of the 2010 season for Henry Holt, it’s publisher.  It was an Independent Bookstore Choice for Spring, and a New York Times Pick for Summer Reading.  The paperback was chosen by Target to be part of it’s coveted selection for two consecutive seasons.