Allen Hancock

Allen Hancock earned his degree in Early Childhood Education. Although he’s no longer teaching preschool, education remains a focus in his career. In January, 2000, Allen began a one-person consultancy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By 2008, Hancock Consulting had grown into the Mac Consulting Group, Inc: a full service Apple Specialist and Authorized Training Center.

During this time, after watching too many people discover their backup wasn’t working only after a hard drive failure, Allen founded Watchman Monitoring. Installing the monitoring software on end-users’ computers means that the consultant will get notified when problems, such as stale backups or impending drive failures, are sprouting. This level of Proactive Support also means less downtime when problems to come up.

By subscribing to Watchman Monitoring, the Mac Consulting Group was able to grow past the traditional break/fix model, and build a book of recurring revenue which paved the way to its successful sale in 2012 to The Orchard. Allen currently works as a consultant with the Orchard, and finds his thrill in helping clients make the most of their computing experiences.