Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll is an award winning singer, songwriter and social media innovator who enjoyed a 20 year career with his brother in a band called Sons of Maxwell.  His ability to extract the essence of a message and craft it into song has not only sustained his music career but it was also the creative force behind what Google once termed “One of the most important videos in [our] history”.  As a result he has become a busy keynote speaker, co-founded three internet start-ups, had a book published, and been commissioned to write several songs for other individuals and organizations.

IN 2009, when faced with an ongoing and frustrating customer service issue with United Airlines, Dave turned his talent and his passion to creating three music videos about his experience and he posted them to YouTube.  What has become the United Breaks Guitars trilogy has inspired and empowered millions of consumers.  It has awakened companies everywhere to the importance of every customer; about the need to engage in social media and has reinforced a new perspective on branding in the age of social media.

His message demonstrates the power of one voice in our socially driven world but, more than that, he reminds us that we are all fundamentally connected with one another and how knowing that can make the world a better place.